David Maurice Quotes

Jonas S. Friedenwald Memorial Lecture, 1967
"Although it is tempting to allow one's investigations to be guided by the availability of a technique, I consider it is better to choose the problems first and then assemble the techniques to solve them. From a study of Friedenwald's works, I believe this is the course he adopted; I feel sure it is ultimately the most satisfactory one."
In a sponsor's letter for NIH fellowship application, describing "Sponsor's previous fellows/trainees", 1995
"I have kept no tally of students over the past forty years, but there are 50 juniors identified by coauthored publications who worked in my lab for at least 6 months. I note that 10 of these have become chairs of academic departments and another 3 are of a caliber to become so. Another 15 have remained active in creative investigational work, and 19 have abandoned science. The remainder have died or have lost contact in some other way."
An Oneiropenic Account of an Ophthalmological Career: Exp. Eye Res. (1998) 66:147-154.
"The author has done pretty much what he wanted to do throughout his professional life. Little harm resulted. A few findings may survive."
The Diaz Caneja Award acceptance speech which was delivered on videotape, 2001.